DatuBIM Account

DatuBIM Account

The DatuBIM platform includes the following three essential components:
  1. Account – Each customer is defined as an account on the platform. The account is created by the Datumate team based on the package the customer purchased. Hence, this will specify the number and types of users, sites, images, and flights that the user can add and the subscription expiry date. According to your package, you can add several types of users to your account. Please refer to the Managing Users article for more details.

  2. Site – Under each account, you can establish project sites. A project site is the work area that DatuBIM will track. Most properties for a site must be defined when adding a new site. Properties include name, location, measurement unit, tracking time, and possibly other details. Please refer to the Adding a New Site article for more information.

  3. Flight – A flight is a tracked instance of the site. An instance is generated using images taken on a particular date. The date the imagery are taken becomes the name of the flight instance. Choosing a specific instance, you can run analytics and measurements and compare flight instances. 

    Accessing Account Details

    Each account comes with a business plan and usage package. This account eligibility includes the total number of images, the number of sites, the number of users per user type, and the number of flights. To see your account package and usage at any time, select the Account option from the main menu.

    In the Account window, you will see the usage status of all your account components.

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