Managing Users

Managing Users

Users & permissions

Only Account Administrators can access the user management option "Users & permissions" from the main menu. 

Selecting this option opens the Account Users dialog. As shown below, you will find a list of all users under this account, their permission level, and the number of sites they can access. The permission level is explained in detail later in this article.

This Account Users dialog allows you to add, edit or delete users, as explained below.

Adding a user

To add a new user to the account, click on the “+ Add user” option from the Account Users dialog.

This will open the Create New User dialog for entering the new user's personal details and permission level. 

Fill out all the fields or at least the mandatory fields marked with * in the Personal details tab, then click “Next” or the Permissions tab to set the user’s permission level and associate sites.

As shown in the image above you need to specify the User Role as an account User or an Operator,

Account Users

For account users permissions can be set to one of four levels:

View-Only Users

As the name indicates, view-only users can only view models and measurements but cannot make any changes. Use the "+Associate site" to give the user access to specific sites.

Basic Users

Basic users can view existing models and measurements. They can also add a new flight and perform measurements for the sites they are associated with. (Use + Associate site to do so).  
Basic users may not run analytics, add designs, and manage sites and users.

Analytics Users

Analytic users can view existing models and measurements, add a new flight, and create measurements. In addition, they can also run analytics or add designs.  All these permissions are valid for the sites they are associated with.

Administrator Users

Administrators have access to everything. It is the only type that can manage (add, edit, and delete) other users. As shown below,  the "+Associate site" is not active for this user type, as administrators have access to all sites under the account.

Both Analytics users and Administrators are counted as Analytics users in the Account package counters.


Operator are users whose job is to take images in the field and upload to sites to which they have been assigned to.  Meaning that operator users may be added to several account while account users may be assigned to one account only.   Additionally, when an operator user is added they need to be assigned which sites they have access to. 
After you have created a new account user or an operator user is added for the first time, the newly added user will receive an email to activate his/her account.  See "Activating a New User" later in this article for more details.

When an existing operator user is added to additional accounts, he/she receives an invitation to login in to DatuBIM system as shown below.

Editing a user

To make changes to a specific user, hover the mouse over the user’s entry in the Account Users dialog. The Edit and Delete icons will appear on the right side, as shown below.

To delete a user, click on the Delete icon and confirm the deletion. This will entirely remove the user from the system.  

To edit the user, click on the Edit icon. This opens the Edit User dialog shown below.  
Change fields as needed, both in the Personal Details and Permissions tab, and click Save.

Once a user is created the User Role (Account User/Operator) may not be changed.  If really needed, the user must be totally deleted and added with the new role.

Activating a New User

After a new user is added, an automatic email is sent to the new user to allow him/her to set a password.  An example of the email is shown below.

Clicking the link in the email opens the Set new password dialog.

The new user must fill the desired password in both fields and click “Submit”.

You can see the password requirements by hovering over the “?” as shown below.



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