Adding a New Site

Adding a New Site

Adding a Site

The add a new site to the account, press the “+ New Site” available on the top left. Adding a new site is available only for the user defined as the Account Admin User, and the option will not appear for General Users.  

This will open the "Site Info" tab of the Create New Site dialog shown below.   Most fields in this dialog are marked with a "*" indicating they are mandatory to fill. If you do not fill them before you press "Next" button you will have to come back and fill them before you can complete the site creation. 

Fill in all fields and press the “Next” button, and the "Settings" tab shown below appears. 

In this dialog you may set the measurement units for the site as well as the coordinate system.  Both Coordinate System and units are very important as they sets the grounds for all flights added to this site later.  Once set, it is not possible to change them except through Datumate support staff and may possibly require rebuilding the models.  If you are not sure what coordinate system to use, leave it empty and you will be requested to set it or may be set automatically when you upload images and GCP’s of the first flight.  If you do select a coordinate system here and we find a discrepancy when you upload the first flight, you will be given a warning and an option to change it.

Selecting the wrong Coordinate system could cause one or all of the issues below depending on your geo-referencing method:

  1. Wrong locations of the GCPs when drawn on the map
  2. No hints, wrong hints, or very inaccurate hints.  GCP location hints are calculated locations of GCP initially based on camera location and link result.  They are shown to help the user find and mark GCP’s on images faster.
  3. Bad model (only when the CS includes a transformation between Spherical and Cartesian coordinates)
  4. Misplaced Orthophoto when placing on the map
  5. Failure to generate DPC (Dense Point Cloud)
  6. Incorrect measurements (wrong coordinates)
DatuBIM also  supports georeferencing your projects using ground control points (GCPs) measured in a local coordinate system. In order to do so, select “Local Coordinate System” as the “Coordinate System” of the site as shown below.  Please refer to Tips and Tricks for Using Local Coordinate System (LCS)  article for more details.


Important Note: Once a site is set to use LCS, all flights under that site will be processed using LCS. Meaning that you cannot process your flights only using the drone’s GPS data/RTK data.

Once fields are filled, press “Next” and the "Users" tab shown below appears that allows you to define users who can access this site.  Giving access to users may be done now or later using the “Users & permissions” option available for the account admin from the main menu.

Add users if applicable at this time, and press "Next" and the "Site Association" tab shown below that allows you to associate sites to user defined groups.   Associating sites to groups allows you later to view them under collapsible/expandable groups in the site list, by user defined groups in addition to other system defined groups.  Viewing site lists in groups is discussed later in this article. 
To associate a site to a group, simply use the dropdown option and select the group you would like to associate the site to, or start keying the desired group name and the list will start to get filtered as you key every additional letter searching for the keyed string.   

 Alternatively, as indicated in the bottom of the group list, you may add a new group and associate the site to it by keying a new group name and pressing enter or by pressing the "Add new site group ......" option that appears in the list once you start keying the new group name.

Once done, Press the “Create Site” and the new site will appear in the list as an empty site with no analytics instances in it.  At this point you can open it and add a flight instance to it.
For more details please refer to our How to Add a New Site video.

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