Tablet Use with DatuBIM

Tablet Use with DatuBIM

As a cloud-based software, DatuBIM can be used wherever there is access to the internet. As such, it is possible to access DatuBIM on a tablet in the field. DatuBIM is supported on any tablet as long as you are working with one of our recommended internet browsers (Chrome, Edge, Brave).

You may use DatuBIM on your tablet the same way you use it on your computer. Instead of double-clicking on computers, close measurements with a long screen press or use the new “End drawing” tool.

When walking your jobsite with a tablet use the new “Zoom into my location” feature on DatuBIM. The feature gives you easy and quick access to a model view with zoom on your current location. 

The Add flight wizard is disabled on tablets. Most likely, your flight images are not on your tablet, and with the risk of an unstable internet connection, we decided to disable the "Add Flight" function. Users will get a message notifying them of that.

The advantages of having a tablet in the field –

  • Track and close my open tasks (annotations)
  • Take an image from the tablet and import it as a geo located annotation to DatuBIM.
  • Overlay designs on the model/ use the diff tool/ use any other visualization tool and make on-site inspections.

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