System Requirements

System Requirements

DatuBIM platform is a cloud-based software and does not require a local installation on the computer.  It is designed to work on commonplace office PCs and standard laptops.

  1.  Operating environment requirements:
    1. Any modern OS, such as Windows, macOS, or Ubuntu runs locally. 64-bit is recommended. RDP and terminal servers are not supported
    2. The latest version of a modern browser such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, and so on with hardware acceleration for 2D/3D graphics enabled
    3. Internet connection
    4. Pop-ups enabled

  1. CPU and memory requirements:
    1. CPU: minimum Intel core i5, 5th gen; recommended Intel i7, 11th gen
    2. CPU RAM: minimum 8GB RAM; recommended 16GB
    3. At least 2GB of GPU memory; recommended 4GB

  1.  Screen and graphics card requirements:
    1. Display resolution: at least 1600X900 with True Color; recommended 1920x1080
    2. NVidia 950 GTX (required for DatuBIM Enterprise); recommended NVidia 1070 GTX

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