Resolving DatuBIM Single Sign-On Mismatch Error

Resolving DatuBIM Single Sign-On Mismatch Error


When attempting to log into DatuBIM using a Single Sign-On (SSO) provider on a shared or public computer, users might encounter an error indicating a mismatch between the active SSO account and the entered email address. This typically happens when a previous user is still logged into their SSO provider.


To resolve this issue, users have two available options:
  1. Log Out from the SSO Provider: The user must ensure the previous person using the computer is completely logged out of their SSO account. This is generally achieved by visiting the SSO provider's website (Google, Microsoft, etc.) and selecting the 'Log Out' option. Once it's confirmed that the previous user is logged out, the user can proceed to log into their DatuBIM account via their SSO account.
  2. Use DatuBIM Username and Password: As an alternative, users can bypass the SSO mismatch issue by logging into DatuBIM directly using their Datumate username and password. This method assumes that a username and password have been previously set up for the account.

Further Assistance

If the issue persists, users are encouraged to contact their organization's support team for assistance. Additionally, the Datumate support team can be reached at for further assistance.

Security Reminder

To ensure the security of Datumate accounts, users are reminded to always protect their login credentials. Particularly on shared or public computers, always log out after using an account.
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