New Features Announcement, September 9, 2021

New Features Announcement, September 9, 2021

We constantly strive to improve DatuBIM, so you have fewer things to worry about, and your work with the platform goes faster than ever. 

Resume Image Upload

We all agree that it is annoying when your Internet connection gets lost during an image upload or your browser forces you to close the window.

With the new Resume Image Upload feature, you can pick up where you left and resume the upload without starting from scratch. You see, this feature makes you less worried about the stability of your Internet connection and will save you valuable time in case the upload gets interrupted.  

If the upload was interrupted because of an internet failure, keep the message below open, fix the Internet issue, and then press the "Try again": Your image upload will resume where it left off.

If you had to close the browser for any reason while the message above is open or while the upload is in process, the next time you open the site, you will be notified that there was an interrupted image upload. The system gives you the chance to resume it as well.  

Minor Fixes and Improvements

We made minor UI improvements, fixed bugs, and resolved usability issues.
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