New Features Announcement, November 2020

New Features Announcement, November 2020

3D Cut & Fill Volume Visualization

For each point inside a marked polygon, cut & fill volumes are now shown as overlays on top of the 3D model based on the calculation results. This visualization is available for volume measurements and delta volume analytics. The cut & fill visualization is also part of all generated PDF reports. 

With this new capability, users can better understand topography changes within an area (polygon) to:
  1. Better monitor excavation and earthwork - ensure that work is being done according to the plan and on designated areas
  2. Identify land encroachment - Monitoring topography changes over time on out-boundaries and forbidden zones to discover unauthorized work and general contractor violations
  3. Identify over-excavation - Track and monitor that work is done according to the design and plan to ensure surface stability and density

Image and Dataset Validation Enhancements

We added two additional validations during creating a new flight and uploading images. DatuBIM now validates that GPS EXIF data exists on all images and that there are no location errors. In addition, DatuBIM checks that the image resolution is appropriate and within the recommended range. 

Furthermore, we made additional performance improvements to this wizard.


GCP Marking Enhancements

In the GCP marking wizard, DatuBIM now checks that enough GCPs are marked on the images to generate an accurate model. 

User Experience Enhancement and Improved Map Labels 

To make working with DatuBIM even more intuitive, we made a few user experience enhancements on model view, GCP marking, image upload wizard, and map labels appearance on 3D models.

Minor Fixes and Improvements

We made minor UI improvements, fixed bugs, and resolved usability issues.

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