New Features Announcement, June 2021

New Features Announcement, June 2021

Tablet Support 

We are working towards a responsive DatuBIM interface for easy work on any Internet browser on tablets. This will give our users maximum flexibility and efficiency in using the platform directly at the construction site. 
We are gradually releasing features that make working with DatuBIM on tablets a rewarding user experience. We reached Phase 1 of these developments, and the following three types of changes were incorporated in this release:
  1. Changes effective on both desktop and tablet. We found those changes so beneficial that you will have them regardless of the device you are using.
  2. Changes only effective when you access DatuBIM from a tablet.
  3. Finally, features or functions that are exclusively available on the desktop. These functions will be hidden on tablets and give you a cleaner workspace.

Changes applicable to both desktop and tablet

  1. Collapsible side navigation bar: This frees up space on the screen for viewing the work area with your site models.

  1. “All Sites” view without a map: Accessing DatuBIM from a tablet or downsizing your browser window on your desktop will remove the map from the display. “All Sites” will be listed in one or two columns depending on the size of the window. 

  1. Pinpoint tool: When using the Image tool for a close look at flight images, you can set a pinpoint on any point on the model. Use click on the desktop and tab on the tablet for placing the pinpoint. The Image library will automatically serve you the images closest to the point indicated by the pinpoint. .

Changes applicable to tablet only

  1. Instead of double-clicking on desktops, close measurements with a long screen press or use the new “End drawing” tool.

  1. Use the Pinpoint tool to show coordinates of the selected point - Easier coordinate access and visibility of a point selected on map with a single tap.

  1. When walking your jobsite with a tablet use the new “Zoom in to my location” feature on DatuBIM! The feature gives you easy and quick access to a model view with zoom on your current location.

Feature disabled on tablets

  1. The Add flight wizard is disabled on tablets. Most likely, your flight images are not on your tablet, and with the risk of an unstable internet connection, we decided to disable the "Add Flight" function. Users will get a message notifying them of that.

Processing History with More Details

Processing history, previously called Processing Task,  now gives you more details of each processing event on any of the flights. DatuBIM users can quickly look up the status of flights. This is also helpful for understanding and tracking which processing activities you were charged for.

Road/Rail Design Validation

When a new Road/Rail Design is about to be uploaded, the system validates it against file templates. 

The user is notified before upload if any issues exist.

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