New Features Announcement, July 2021

New Features Announcement, July 2021

Import of External Model 

We now added the possibility to import an external model, generated by a 3rd party software, into DatuBIM. You can import a model by uploading a single point cloud (.las) file and a single orthophoto file (.tif). 
With this new capability,  our customers can gain more flexibility in leveraging DatuBIM.
Similar to adding flights, the new option is available from the “+Add” on the timeline.  

After the model is imported, it shows as an instance on the timeline. Once it is processed, users can run measurements and analytics on the imported model, exactly like a model that was generated from a flight by the DatuBIM.

The import of external 3D models to the DatuBIM platform is charged annually per total size of the uploaded model files (GB). Please, reach out to Sales or your account manager to get the external model import enabled on your account.
To learn more about this feature, please visit the Importing an External Model article. 

Designs Associated to Sites, not Tenants

We changed the association of designs. Designs now will appear on the site that they were created. This gives cleaner and more intuitive access to designs and avoids confusion. 
Users will see the designs associated with the specific site they are looking at.  

Reset Tilt Option

Users can reset the viewing tilt to top view without changing the zoom with the new Reset Tilt.
This handy feature is available on both desktop and tablet. 

Improved DXF Exports of Measurements/Analytics

To better support any post-processing of DatuBIM measurements and analytics in your additional systems, we improved the DXF exports: 
  1. Polygons: Now DatuBIM exports both outline and interior (hatch)
  1. Points: Now DatuBIM exports actual points with all their georeferenced information instead of text only

Minor Fixes and Improvements

We made minor UI improvements, fixed bugs, and resolved usability issues.

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