New Features Announcement, February 2021

New Features Announcement, February 2021

Map Snapshot

We added the option to take snapshots of the 3D model, exactly as viewed in the browser.

Instead of using screenshots of your browser window or standard snipping tools, Map Snapshot will eliminate any functions displays or open cards and tables on the view. You get a clean image of the model, which you can download in a PDF report, indicating the project name, instance date, and reporting date.

Map Snapshot helps you download views of the model for later review, sharing with stakeholders who do not have access to the DatuBIM platform, or documenting legal claims. 

Model Reprocessing & Editing Geo-Referencing Method

DatuBIM users are now able to reprocess drone imagery and data to improve model accuracy.  You can reprocess your model without the need to open a new site and re-upload images. 

Most notable, you can now edit the Geo-Referencing method in the Upload a Flight wizard. 
(You can find the Geo-Referencing in Step 2 of the wizard, Flight Info & Preferences).
For example, this will allow you to switch from Automodels (based exclusively on RTK or drone GPS data) to geo-referencing your model using ground control points (GCPs) for superior accuracy.

Once you reprocessed a model using GCPs, you will also be able to leverage DatuBIM's unique and time-saving Auto Geo-referencing capabilities during the creation of future models of your site.  
Also, especially when reprocessing older models, you can take advantage of the full power and recent improvements of DatuBIM, such as:
  1. Enhanced pre-processing methods
  2. Quality checks of imagery
  3. Use of checkpoints
  4. Accuracy reports
  5. Upgrades to our photogrammetry engine
Model Reprocessing gives DatuBIM users the highest flexibility and full control over model accuracy. Besides changing to the more accurate GCP geo-referencing method, you can use this new feature to:
  1. Introduce a new, more accurate set of GCPs.
  2. Change the geo-referencing method to any other available option, such as Based on drone GPS, Based on drone RTK, or Auto Geo-referencing.
  3. Change additional processing parameter:  switch RTK on/off, switch Rolling Shutter compensation on/off.
DatuBIM serves you throughout the entire project life cycle. With Model Reprocessing, you can align the model accuracy to your specific needs as they might change throughout the project. If you start using DatuBIM with a Ground-Zero model for basic topographic information supporting your planning teams or documenting landscape restoration aspects, models based on drone GPS or RTK data might be sufficient. With the start of the construction, you can switch to geo-referencing with GCPs for the highest accuracy of the model and the resulting engineering reports and analytics.
Finally, if you become aware that the set of GCPs was measured incorrectly and cannot be replaced by a new, accurate set, you can use Model Reprocessing to exclude the GPCs from the model generation. You do that by switching Geo-referencing to Automodel (drone GPS or RTK data).  

View Only User Permission

We added a new View Only to the user permissions on DatuBIM.

View Only users can view 3D models and measurements of all the sites they are affiliated with.
View Only users cannot create, edit or delete data. They also cannot make any downloads.
Besides this, View Only user cannot:  
  1. Add a new flight
  2. Create measurements
  3. Create analytics
  4. Add designs
  5. Manage site and users 
With this new user permission, you gain higher flexibility in controlling and sharing your data. The View Only user permission is also a practical option for allowing new users to get familiar with the system without jeopardizing your data integrity.

New Base Surface Options for Volume Calculations and Analysis

We added two enhancements for using base surfaces. You can now calculate volumes and analyze volume changes (delta volume) with higher precision and as required by the situation at your site.

a.    New Minimum Elevation base surface for both volumes and delta volumes. This base surface takes the minimal elevation in the volume polygon and calculates the volume between a plane with that elevation and the model(s). This new feature is essential when calculating the volume of a pile adjoining others or located within walls.

b.    We now enabled the Interpolated base surface for delta volumes, which was previously available only for volume calculations. 

Minor Fixes and Improvements

We made minor UI improvements, fixed bugs, and resolved usability issues.

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