New Features Announcement, January 2021

New Features Announcement, January 2021

Accuracy Improvements

The accuracy of 3D site models depends on many parameters, especially the quality of the data acquisition. Your day-to-day work, familiar processes, and equipment at hand sometimes will divert from Datumate’s recommended best practices. If too many deviations come together, you can reach an edge case putting accuracy at risk. 
With our new release, DatuBIM now handles various edge cases and secures the accuracy of models created under less optimal conditions. 
  1. The edge cases now supported revolve primarily around the following issues or their combinations: flawed RTK data, non-standard GCP coverage, unit transformations issues during the use of local coordinate systems, and inconsistent flights, such as different altitudes during the flight, flawed and insufficient coverage, etc.
  2. We added automated detection of a wide variety of circumstances causing edge cases.
  3. We adapted parameters and configurations of DatuBIM’s photogrammetric engine to address these circumstances and generate models with survey-grade accuracies also in edge case.
  4. Also, we resolved a known issue of DJI RTK drones sometimes reporting the wrong altitude.

Improvement to Annotation Specifications

The Annotation feature in DatuBIM is a crucial tool to share insights and alerts across teams and stakeholders. We improved the annotation window to make it more intuitive and user-friendly. 
Improvements include:
  1. Description field automatically resizes,
  2. File details are shown on hovering over;
  3. File preview of reviewable files by a click;
  4. Visualization of note changes;
  5. Scrollbar for easy navigation.

The improved user interface and the new functionalities make sure users report issues more conveniently and have better, easier, and quicker access to relevant information.

Improved Model Quality

We upgraded DatuBIM’s photogrammetric engine to improve the quality of Point Clouds,  2.5D Terrain maps, 2.5D Surface maps, and Texture models. Overcoming issues caused by moving objects, these maps and models are now less noisy and much smoother. 

Minor Fixes and Improvements

We made minor UI improvements, fixed bugs, and resolved usability issues.

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