New Features Announcement, December 2020

New Features Announcement, December 2020

3D Delta Elevation Visualization

Delta elevation analytics is a vital tool for construction management. The new Delta Elevation Visualization allows you to quickly understand and inspect surface elevation changes over time or compare them to design in any marked area (polygon).

Delta elevation calculates one model's elevation changes to another model of a different date or a design. Based on the calculation results, the new Delta Elevation Visualization tool overlays an elevation heatmap on top of the 3D model.

The Delta Elevation Visualization is also part of all generated PDF reports. 

With this new capability, users can better understand topography changes within an area (polygon) to:
  1. Better monitor excavation and earthwork - ensure that work is being done according to the plan and on designated areas
  2. Identify land encroachment - Monitoring topography changes over time on out-boundaries and forbidden zones to discover unauthorized work and general contractor violations
  3. Identify over-excavation - Track and monitor that work is done according to the design and plan to ensure surface stability and density

 Delta Elevation Analytics

Sites Grouping

DatuBIM serves companies monitoring and managing several construction sites via the platform. We now added the ability to group sites in the General View sidebar. This enhances the ease of use, keeps you on top of your different projects, and enables project aggregation.

Site Grouping

Enhanced Image Dataset Validation

We've enhanced the image dataset validation before upload.
Based on images EXIF data, DatuBIM now covers additional use cases and represents error indications better and more intuitive.  
Users can validate the dataset before uploading to uncover and resolve images' integrity or quality issues with this enhancement.
It helps users make sure the image dataset is suitable for generating a high-quality and most accurate model.

Dataset Validation

Minor Fixes and Improvements

We made minor UI improvements, fixed bugs, and resolved usability issues.

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