Top View of Measurements and Analytics Tools

Top View of Measurements and Analytics Tools

This article explains in general all the analytics options that can be done and added to flights.  Three main analytical tools are available:

A.    Measurements – Measurements may be done on the opened flight instance of the site.

B.    Analytics – Analytics usually involves the currently opened flight instance and one or more of the other flight instances for comparison purposes or delta calculations.  Additionally, the site CAD design may be used in analytical tools as a comparison instance.

C.    Annotations – Annotations may be added to the opened flight instance.


All available analysis must be added as one of 3 objects.

  1. Line analysis
  1. Polygonal area analysis, and
  1. Point analysis

Access to these three tools is done using the toolbar on the right side of the main viewing screen shown below.

For line objects, it is possible to add Measurements and Analytics as show below.

For polygonal objects, it is also possible to add Measurements and Analytics as show below.

For point objects, it is possible to Measurements, Analytics, and Annotations as show below.

All added measurements, analytics, and annotations may be viewed at any time using the corresponding viewing tab options on the left side of the screen shown below.


In addition to the measurements, analytics, and annotation, two more tabs are available as follows:

Add design files of the site to show on top of the model and to be used in the analytical tools as well. Refer to article Using Site Design Files (CAD Files) with DatuBIM for further information.
Do model edits of areas in the site to filter out noisy objects or terrains. Refer to article Model Edits (Terrain Filtering) for further information. 

For more details please refer to our Measurements and Analytics Tools video.



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