Grouping Analytics

Grouping Analytics

Analytics can be bundled in groups when added or later by editing the item and assigning it to a group.  The same group may include any type of analytics including actual analytics such as cross sections, measurements such are volumes, and annotations. 

Grouping analytics will allow you to easily deal with several items simultaneously including:

  1. Show/Hide items
  1. Export items to dxf 

As an example the figure below shows “Group 1” in ANALYTICS, in MEASUREMENTS, and in ANNOTATIONS.


It is possible to pin groups that have analytics or annotations to the overview panel, and see both of them together as one group.  It is not possible to see the measurements there even if they exist.  To do so, click on the 3 dots menu either in ANALYTICS of in ANNOTATIONS and select the “Add to Overview tab”.

Added group will then appear in the Overview side panel as shown below.

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