Generating the 3D Model

Generating the 3D Model

Once satisfied with the GCP marking you have made and are ready to generate the model, press the “Generate Model” button on the bottom right.  You will be asked to confirm that you really want to start the model generation, as after this you cannot adjust your GCP marks. 

You may at this point click the “Close & Notify” button, as the model generation is a lengthy process.   Once done a new notification will be added to the notifications on the top right corner as shown below.

While the model is being generated, the flight will appear as “Generating Model” as shown below, and cannot be opened until the process is complete. 

When model generation is done, you may open the flight and review the generated model and outputs.  Additionally, you may download the generated outputs using the download tool available on the top right corner of the screen shown below.

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