General Settings

General Settings


Tap the General Settings icon on the top right corner of the Main screen to open the “Settings” page, which includes four sections.


1.       Select the preferred measurement system: “Imperial” or “Metric”.

2.       Select the distance and area units.

Figure 23: General Settings  – Measurements Section

Safety Restrictions

Define the parameters that relate to safety:

Figure 24: General Settings – Safety Restrictions

o   Maximum flight distance from controller – Set the maximum allowed distance between the drone and the controller. This will be used when you go the area that you want to photograph, DatuFly will show a message if there is any point in the plan that is farther that the allowed. This means that you will have to change your location.

o   Minimum battery charge –Set the minimum battery charge level allowed before the drone returns home automatically. If the level of the battery charge on the drone or the controller or the tablet goes below this level, the drone will start a return-home process.

o   Video decoding by hardware – When the Phantom 3 Advanced drone is used, it may lose the video feed. This option rectifies the situation.


In this section you can set viewing options.

Figure 25: General Settings: Interface

1.       Turn Tooltips on or off. This has not yet been implemented.

2.       Select the Default Map system you want to work with. Presently only Mapbox is supported.


In this section you can see account and user information.

Figure 26: General Settings: Account

1.        Include the License ID in order for it to be included on all the missions you execute.

2.       Set the takeoff and landing mode. By default “Manual take off and landing” is set to “On”. This means that at the beginning of the mission and after battery change you will be asked to manually start the drone and elevate it. Also, if during a mission when the battery requires changing you will be asked to return the drone manually.

DJI App Activation and Aircraft Binding section

In this section, you need to fill out your App Activation, DJI Account State, and Aircraft Binding information.   See Figure 27 below.  This section is used for China users only.

Figure 27: China App Activation

DatuFly version information

At the bottom of the Settings screen, very important version information is displayed for the firmware, the IOS, and the DatuFly app.

Figure 28: Version Information

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