Top Level Look at the Site Viewer

Top Level Look at the Site Viewer

In this article we will take a general look over a site with its flight instances.    We will look at an example of a site with several flights already added to a site.   The screen below shows a site of a highway junction being built with several instances already added to it.  

Below is a general overview of all screen components and sub components:

Top Banner  

Center Left – Site name.
Top Right Tool Bar (  ) from left to right allow for:
  1. Share flight link - Allows sharing a link to the shown flight with other DatuBIM users by selecting current users from a drop down list of by copying the flight link and paste it into an email.  Administrator users may add new users on the fly if needed, but remember you may share flights only with DatuBIM users.
  2.  Downloads – Allows for downloading reports and several types of outputs available for the flight instance. See below.

  1. Edit site – Opens dialog for Site editing.  See Editing a Site article for detailed information.
  2. Notifications - View system notifications.  See Processing History & Notifications article for detailed information.

Left Panel

      Top to bottom  - Each one allows seeing information about the flight, a general overview, analytics, measurements, annotations, design files, and model edits.


Left panel (sidenav) is a collapsible panel to allow more map viewing area. See figure below.

Left Panel sorting tool - allows sorting all object using different parameters as shown below. 

Flight List

      Below Top Banner
Flights and imported models are listed by date from left to right.  Selected flight  or imported model is highlighted . Hover over any of the instances will show details on the instance including if it is a flight or an imported model. 
Measured points appear on the time line like this .  Hover over the dot will show you details on the measured points. 

+Add  gives you the option to add a flight, an imported model, or measured points, 


Main window

      Main viewing area

  1. Main view is the area where you see the flight instance you selected.  Is allows the following actions:
  1. Zooming in and out using mouse wheel,
  1. Panning using left mouse and drag, and 
  1. Free model rotation using mouse wheel click and drag, or Ctrl+ (Left or Right) Mouse and drag.

Surrounding Tools in viewer area

  - Map or Satellite view.

             - Save a snapshot of what you see on the viewer.

 - Display and overlay options.

 - From bottom to top, zooming out, zooming in, top view reset  of the whole site, go to given coordinates, and reset tilt of current view without zooming.

                         - On tablets, one additional tool is available to allow the user to zoom in to his/her physical location while the field

 - From bottom to top, single point analysis, polygonal analysis, polyline analysis, and selection mode.  Analysis here mean Measurement, annotations, and analytics. 

 - Mouse coordinate display.

On tablets, a single tap on the map will show an Pin on the place you tapped and the coordinates of that Pin on the bottom of the viewer as shown below. 

For more details, please refer to Overview of DatuBIM's User Interface video. 
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