DatuFly - Flight Planning Drone App for High Resolution Photo Shooting

DatuFly - Flight Planning Drone App for High Resolution Photo Shooting

DatuFly - Flight Planning Drone App for High-Resolution Photo Shooting

‚ÄčDesigned for land surveying, construction, and infrastructure mapping, the DatuFly drone app optimizes flight and image capturing per job type, such as topography, stockpiles, roads, intersections, properties, etc.

With DatuFly, the image taking plan is executed based on DatuSurvey best practice requirements for quick image linkage, geo-referencing, and 3D model generation.

Turn your drone into a professional mapping tool

  1. Autonomous flight and photo shooting
  2. Monitor mission progress, such as flight time, distance, required number of batteries, etc.
  3. Auto-return and resume for battery exchange
  4. Supports vertical and oblique photo shooting
  5. Run safety wizards and pre-flight checks
  6. Plan your job with user-friendly wizard and leverage Mapbox maps
  7. Optimize output: Select the desired final output for best results, e.g. 2D, 2.5D, 3D, volume calculation, as-built plans, and more.
  8. Store projects for re-execution over time to discover variants
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    • Download DatuFly from App Store

      Download DatuFly for free!
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