DatuBIM Walkthrough

DatuBIM Walkthrough

This 17-minute video is the perfect overview of the many features and functionalities of DatuBIM.
An excellent way to get familiar with this powerful platform:

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    • About DatuBIM

      BackgroundDatuBIM is an automated software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud platform designed and built for infrastructure construction projects. It enables construction companies to monitor project progress, ensure quality, and control budgets based on ...
    • DatuBIM Account

      The DatuBIM platform includes the following three essential components: Account – Each customer is defined as an account on the platform. The account is created by the Datumate team based on the package the customer purchased. Hence, this will ...
    • Tablet Use with DatuBIM

      As a cloud-based software, DatuBIM can be used wherever there is access to the internet. As such, it is possible to access DatuBIM on a tablet in the field. DatuBIM is supported on any tablet as long as you are working with one of our recommended ...
    • Overview of DatuBIM's User Interface

      In this tutorial, we give you an introduction to the user interface for a first orientation. Learn how to sign in into DatuBIM and get familiar with the basic use of DatuBIM. In addition, we shortly discuss the different model tabs and tools. 
    • Resolving DatuBIM Single Sign-On Mismatch Error

      Issue When attempting to log into DatuBIM using a Single Sign-On (SSO) provider on a shared or public computer, users might encounter an error indicating a mismatch between the active SSO account and the entered email address. This typically happens ...