Starting the DatuFly Application

Starting the DatuFly Application

1.       To start the DatuFly application, tap the application icon . A splash screen is displayed followed by the DatuFly Main screen (Figure 22).

Figure 22: DatuFly Main Screen

The Main screen shows the last seven missions planned or run. Additional missions can be seen by scrolling down the screen. For each mission there is a snapshot of the area, the date the mission was created, and the status of the mission: Setup or Completed. “Setup” indicates that the mission is still in the planning phase, or the planning phase is done but the mission has not yet been flown. “Completed” implies that the mission was flown and accomplished successfully.

2.       Click the + icon to create a new mission.

3.       Sort missions based on “Name” or “Recently Modified” as shown in the “Sort by” drop down box.

4.       From the Main screen enter the General Settings screen by tapping the icon on the top right.

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