Accessing DatuBIM Platform

Accessing DatuBIM Platform

To access your account from any internet browser, go to This will open the DatuBIM login screen.

Type in your user name (Email) and password and press the Login button.  This will show the Main Site Map of all sites available for this user, including a list of all sites already defined as well as a map showing the locations of the sites.

Accessing DatuBIM from a tablet or downsizing your browser window on your desktop will remove the map from the display. “All Sites” will be listed in one or two columns depending on the size of the window. 

The Main Site Screen consists of 3 parts as follows:

A. Top banner area that is self-explanatory and allows for contain actions such as changing settings, logging out, and other basic functions.

B. A list of all sites already defined under this account is shown on the left side of the screen. As shown below, for each site basic information on the site is shown, including the name, description, an image thumbnail of the site, tracking date range, number of instances, and the date of the last instance as well as a map showing the locations of the sites. Above the list there is also an option to add a new site or to do a search by site name.

C. A map of all sites. 

 Mouse hover over the site in the list will highlight it on the map, and vice versa mouse hover over the site location on the map will highlight it in the list on the left.  Opening a site may be done by clicking on it from the list or on the map.  Making changes to existing sites’ definition can be done only after it is opened.

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