About DatuBIM

About DatuBIM


DatuBIM is an automated software-as-a-service (SaaS) cloud platform designed and built for infrastructure construction projects. It enables construction companies to monitor project progress, ensure quality, and control budgets based on actionable project execution metrics extracted from field data.
By providing a single source of up-to-date data through the entire lifecycle of the asset built, DatuBIM empowers stakeholders to efficiently manage construction sites from planning through execution and maintenance. Digitizing and automating monitoring, data analysis and reporting processes bring simplicity and collaboration for your project management.

About DatuBIM

The complete DatuBIM data analytics platform allows automated flight planning, flight execution, and site modeling on a daily basis for a fast, improved and more frequent field survey of the construction project. Once complete it uploads the recorded images, data and flight information to the cloud platform, where the automated processing and analysis begins.
The platform completes this modeling and analysis through smart photogrammetry and computer vision algorithms combined with the vast experience of our team in mapping, geo-information and project management in the construction industry. The key to allowing these algorithms to correctly analyze the data is done by first undertaking the BIM process.

This is the generation of 2D maps and 3D models that represent accurate measurements of the construction site showing the topography, volume, constructed sections, and projected plans of the infrastructure. From these models and maps, the analytical algorithms are able to define the delta progress between any two field measurement instances or a field measurement instance to the plan and determine data that is used to generate immediate reports for users (via the cloud platform) for the entire project lifecycle. These software algorithms are drone and camera agnostic and can be used with any drone and imaging equipment manufacturer.

DatuBIM Platform & Process

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