2023 most favorable new features of DatuBIM!

2023 most favorable new features of DatuBIM!


Welcome to our compilation of DatuBIM's most favored new features released in 2023. This year, we've focused on enhancing the functionality and efficiency of our digital construction management platform. Our latest updates include improved analytics, user-friendly interfaces, and several other key enhancements to support your project management needs. Join us as we delve into these updates and discover their benefits for your construction management processes.

DatuBIM's most favorable new features of 2023 🎉


  1. Custom gradient for delta elevation:

    For details and an intriguing use case, refer to our knowledge base article Custom gradient in delta elevation analytics.
    Moreover, custom gradient will soon be available in our most used report - Volume grid and heatmap report!

  2. Custom gradient can be applied also for overlay elevation:

  3. New annotation card with additional details, ability to assign users, receive status change notifications, and ability to synchronize 2-way with the observations module of Procore, a worldwide leader in construction management solutions:

    The annotation module significantly enhances efficiency in tracking and resolving field issues. We will continue to develop it and add more features to it during 2024, stay tuned!

  4. IFC files now expose their properties with a basic search:

    3D design files are crucial for the technologically adept civil engineer. We are putting all our efforts into developing further support for 3D designs. Be ready to be surprised in 2024!

  5. Enhanced search functionality for easily comparing flights and design surfaces in analytics:

  6. Better explanation of our base/target surfaces definitions:

  7. Adding a search option for every module:


  1. Hatches support for DGN files:

  2. Improved treatment of importing surfaces to DatuBIM


  1. The volume grid and heat map report now support comparing a flight or design to another flight or design. Users can also choose between using the DTM (Digital Terrain Model) or DSM (Digital Surface Model).

  2. In the cross-section volume report, users can now set the maximum width of sections for tailored analysis. This will allow users to execute reports that suit their exact needs, without unrequired or misleading data.


  1. Support of public GeoIDs with vertical datum. This enhancement improves models' accuracy!

  2. Allow importing models using LAS file only:

  3. Download all images of a flight.

  4. Email notifications about model readiness and a processing progress bar keep users informed about the current status:


  1. Allow access restriction by IP range.

  2. SSO login for enterprises and individuals who wish to use a single method of login over all their applications.

  3. APIs dedicated to user management. 


  1. Users can now seamlessly access all their accounts with the same credentials without the need to log out:

  2. An announcement tool to improve the visibility of new features, important notification and overall better and direct communication with our users:


As we move into the new year, we are thrilled to introduce new features and enhancements for the DatuBIM platform, geared towards transforming the civil engineering and infrastructure sectors. This year, we're focusing on practical, innovative solutions that address real-world challenges in your field. We encourage you as our client to actively participate in this evolution by sharing your experiences, suggestions, and ideas. Your input is invaluable in helping us tailor our technology to better suit the dynamic needs of your infrastructure projects.

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